The recipes you will find here are popular contemporary cuisine with a couple of traditional classics. Recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation, and newer recipes that are special to us because they utilise a wide range of the quality produce in a fun and tasty way that’s guaranteed to impress. They represent what we at JW Smyths like to eat with our families and if you try them you'll be surprised to see just how quick, fun and rewarding it is to make some great home-cooked meals.

There is not a whole lot of food that can be called specifically Irish, most of the recipes we use in Ireland have been adapted from other cuisines, most noticeably from France, the UK, Italy and America, but in recent years we have also got more confident bringing all kinds of influences into our food culture: Chinese, Indian, Thai, Mexican, etc. Here at JW Smyths we can promise you the finest Irish cuts of meat, at great prices, so hopefully, along with these recipes we've set you on the way to great dinners.

Complete Christmas Dinner for 6

Cracking Beef Burgers

Duck Pancakes with Hoisin Sauce