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1/2 Leg Lamb

1/2 leg of lamb 1.3 kg..


4 Lamb Centreloin Chops

 4 Lamb Centreloin Chops..


400G Spring Lamb Liver

400G Spring Lamb Liver..


500g Lean Lamb Pieces

500 grams of lean cut lamb pieces. ..


Boned & Rolled Shoulder Spring Lamb

Boned & Rolled Shoulder Spring Lamb..


Fillet of Lamb (Half Leg)

Fillet of Lamb (Half Leg) 1.3KG..


Greek Lamb Kebabs (x4)

4 piece of Greek Lamb kebab..


Lamb Burgers

Lamb Burgers, choose either 4 or 6 burgers...


Lamb Shanks

Lamb Shanks, €5 per shank..


Rack Of New Season Lamb

Rack Of New Season Lamb..


Spring Lamb Gigot Chops (400g)

2 bone in lamb chops (also known as Gigot) with a combined weight of 400g...


Whole Leg Lamb (Boned & Rolled)

Whole Leg Lamb (Boned & Rolled)..


Whole Leg Lamb (Butterfly)

Whole Leg Lamb (Butterfly)..


Whole Leg Spring Lamb

Whole Leg Spring Lamb..