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Christmas Cracker

8+ Adults for 2 days..


Festive Pack

6 Adults for 2 days2KG Turkey Fillet2.5KG Fillet Of Ham400G Smyths Sausages400G RashersKellys Black ..


Christmas Breakfast Pack

lb Rashers1lbG SausagesBlack PuddingWhite Pudding6 Eggs..


Medium Irish Turkey & Ham Special

4/5 Adults for 2 days5.5KG Farm Fresh TurkeyHalf Ham Fillet..


Large Irish Turkey & Ham Special

8-10 Adults for 2 days7.5KG Farm Fresh Turkey (14/15 lb)5KG Boned and Rolled Ham..


Extra Large Turkey & Ham Special

12-14 Adults for 2 days9.5KG Farm Fresh Turkey5KG Ham boned and rolled..


Turkey Crown Special

6+ Adults for 2 daysMedium Turkey Crown (from a 14lb Turkey)Half Ham Fillet..


Value Pack 1

6 Adults for 2 days2KG Turkey Crown2.5KG Ham Fillet..


Value Pack 2

3 Adults for 2 days1KG Turkey Crown1KG Ham Fillet..


Carlow Free Range White Turkeys

Carlow Free Range White TurkeysNB price is a guideline price - all turkeys will be weighed on day ..


McEvoys Bronze Irish Turkeys

McEvoys Bronze Irish TurkeysNB price is a guideline price - all turkeys will be weighed on day of co..


Irish Farm Fresh Turkey

5/6KG Farm Fresh €45 (5 adults)7/8KG Farm Fresh €60 (8 adults)9/10KG Farm Fresh €75 (10 adults)..


Turkey Crowns

Medium (from 6 kg turkey) €50 (5 adults)Large (from 8 kg turkey) €70 (8 adults)Extra large (from 10 ..


Fresh Turkey Fillets



Boned & Rolled Turkeys

MEDIUM From 6+ kg (6-8 adults)€60LARGE  From 8 kg (8-10 adults)€80EXTRA LARGE From 10 kg (10+ a..


Free Range Geese

Free Range Geese from Thomas Salters Farm- €19.50 per KGMedium  €80Large  €100Extra Large&..


Free Range Ducks

Free Range Ducks from Kilkenny2 KG min weight...


Smyths Famous Stuffing

Smyths Famous Stuffing1 KG bag...


Whole Irish Ham On The Bone

Whole Irish HamMin weight 8 KG..


Half Ham Fillet

Half Ham FilletMinimum weight of 2.7 KG..


Whole Ham Boned & Rolled

Whole Ham Boned & RolledMin weight 5 KG..


Ham Fillets

Ham Fillets €9.49 per KG..


Slipper of Ham

Slipper of Ham..


Whole Smoked Ham On The Bone

Whole Smoked HamMin weight 8 KG..


Whole Smoked Ham Boned & Rolled

Whole Smoked Ham Boned & Rolled..


Half Smoked Ham

Half Smoked HamMin weight 2.5 KG..


Whole Cooked Baked Fillet Of Ham

Home cooked baked fillet of ham3.6 KG min weight...


Home Cooked Baked Half Fillet Of Ham

Home cooked baked half fillet of ham1.8 KG min weight...


Whole Cooked Ham On The Bone

Whole Cooked Ham On The Bone5 KG min weight...


Spiced Beef

Spiced Beef - €13.50 per KG..